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23 January 2011 @ 10:00 pm
I'm obviously having withdrawal symptoms.
I couldn't bear to part with livejournal just yet.
So in spirit of our Sakurai Sho's upcoming birthday, I made 30 Arashi icons.
For the first time in a gazillion and two years.
If someone would like to talk to me and update me with Arashi, freely email me at lettimestop@gmail.com so I won't be lonely. ):
Please, I beg you.
So anyway. Here I come, Year 12.
I can't believe I'll be graduating in ten months. ;_____;
30 Arashi iconsCollapse )
I hope you like them. Take as many as you want, no credit needed. :D
I'd love a comment though. Or two. Or three. Maybe even four if you have the time? :)))

Happy advanced birthday, 櫻井翔 !

If I make any more graphics during my hiatus, I'll probably post them over here and not on my livejournal. I love blogger. :)
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24 December 2010 @ 05:29 pm
Not that I've been on lately.
But it's totally not my fault... school's been eating me up, and it will chew me for another year.
So for another 365 days... I won't be on my lj/twitter/tumblr/lang-8/whatever.
Super dooper mecha long hiatus from the JE fandom.
(I'm obviously not as smart as Sho.)

But today is our Aiba Masaki's birthday, and for that we will celebrate!
Today also marks my second "anniversary" in the Arashi fandom.
So I give you 12 1280x800 JE wallpapers... most I did ages ago.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!
Happy happy happy birthday, Miracle Boy Aiba!
And God bless yous! :D

I had just now realized there's not a single Hey! Say! JUMP wallpaper. WTFUDGE.
Bye everyone. :'D Be good in the fandom without me.
/wishes I'll be missed.

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18 October 2010 @ 09:52 pm
Haven't been on my livejournal for ages. o___o
I frequent on these more often now...
(But when holidays come by in a few weeks, I'll probably get addicted to lj again. :P)

Twitter - http://twitter.com/galaxylikeeyes
Lang-8 - http://lang-8.com/195201

If you have any of these, friend me. ^^

PS. I am, however, still very much in love with Arashi/JE.
PPS. Off to watch TROUBLEMAN. Shige. So adorable.

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